Sunday, July 28, 2013

Obama Builds 'Intricate Edifice' for Israel-Palestinian Peace Talks; DEBKAfile Report Indicates Aim is Imposed Solution to the Conflict

Wits its pro-Islamist policy backfiring into rivers of blood in Syria and Egypt, the Obama administration  appears to be exerting pressure where it can--on Israel. DEBKAfile reports--exclusively--on the "intricate edifice" that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is building for resumed negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

But the makeup of this complex structure, which will include specially appointed U.S. envoys tasked with supervising specific aspects of the final settlement peace talks, indicates that the administration's intention is to try to impose a solution to the decades-long conflict that will favor the Palestinian side with regard to borders and security.

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Foreign Confidential analysts believe that at a certain stage Israel will be presented with a stark choice, assuming that this has not already happened, between negotiating the finer points of an imposted U.S. solution or dealing with the threat of an imposed UN solution. Turning the issue over to the UN General Assembly has long been an aim of anti-Israel elements in Washington.