Sunday, July 07, 2013

Secular Egyptians to Obama: Stop Supporting Terrorism

Secular Egyptians are angry at the United States because of President Obama's support for the Muslim Brotherhood (and Islamism in general). Click here for the story.

Still, Obama and John McCain are bent on reinstating the MB and its man, Morsi. McCain wants to cut aid to Egypt on account of the coup--i.e. the Egyptian army's intervention to prevent the MB from slaughtering secular Muslims and Christians.

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McCain's criticism of Obama is that he hasn't done enough to support the Islamist uprising in Syria. McCain seeks full-blown U.S. military intervention on the side of the so-called rebels--really, car bombers and cannibals aiming for an Islamic state.

Meanwhile, relations between the Egyptian military and the Obama administration could get worse before they get better. The military is preparing a major offensive against the Muslim Brotherhood that the administration is likely to condemn.