Sunday, August 11, 2013

Saif Gaddafi Faces Execution by Islamist Butchers

Gaddafi Son Denied Fair Trial

The British lawyer for Saif al-Islam Gaddafi has called on the UK to intervene on his client's behalf.

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Turns out, Gaddafi was right about Libya. NATO's so-called humanitarian intervention in the Arab country assured that his father's regime, which had become an important asset in the war against Al Qaeda and its affiliates, would be replaced by clerical fascist (Islamist) fanatics and murderers.

Gaddafi's son, who was in line to take over from his deranged (but fiercely anti-Islamist) father, was responsible for brokering the deal with the West that resulted in Libya abandoning weapons of mass destruction and sponsorship of international terrorism--and becoming a base for Western intelligence agencies.

The Gaddafi regime kept its end of the bargain. In return, the Obama administration and its European allies betrayed the Gaddafis by siding with Islamist insurrectionists … including the monsters that subsequently slaughtered America's ambassador to Libya and three other American citizens.