Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Notorious Danish Jihadist Reportedly Slain in Syria

What the West Has Wrought ...

Abu Khattab, reportedly killed, was featured in jihadist recruiting videos. 

A notorious … Danish … jihadist is reported killed in Syria, where he was, of course, fighting not for freedom, as some would like to believe, but to establish a clerical fascist state. The jihadist belonged to the Salafist faction.

Saudi-supported Salafists are Al Qaeda rivals, supposedly less extreme in some ways, which is like describing one faction of Nazis as less extreme than the other.

With Western backing and under cover of the so-called Arab Spring, Saudi Arabia and Turkey stirred up an Islamist insurrection in Syria that has turned the country into a giant killing field and a magnet for foreign fanatics. The slaughter has spilled over into Lebanon and Iraq, where Al Qaeda (which didn't exist in Iraq until the U.S. invasion) and its Sunni allies are engaged in a bloody power struggle with Iran-backed Shiites.

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