Sunday, February 09, 2014

Iran's Multiple Menacing Messages

On Friday, just a day before Iran's clerical fascist regime announced it is sending warships towards United States coastal waters to send "a message" to the White House, Iranian state TV aired a Hitlerian simulation of a devastating aerial bombardment of Tel Aviv--including its iconic civilian structures--and a U.S. aircraft carrier.

The Islamist regime, whose leaders have mused openly about "a world without America and Zionism," is actually sending multiple messages--to multiple audiences.

To America (AKA "the Great Satan") the message is: We are not afraid of you. Your coastal cities are vulnerable to sea-based ballistic missile attacks, against which there is no defense apart from timely identification and preemptive sinking of the attacking vessel. And don't assume we will fight according to your rules; to the contrary, our Revolutionary Guards are skilled and ready to engage in asymmetrical warfare, including use of seemingly civilian freighters flying flags of convenience that can be armed with missiles and launch pads concealed in what appear to be ordinary shipping containers (a Russian invention!). How do you know we have not already deployed a fleet of militarized cargo ships? You don't! For all you know, these vessels could be lurking outside your Atlantic waters as we speak, prepared to strike your beloved capital and New York? It wouldn't be the first time the unthinkable happened to you. On 9/11 you were hit from the air. Next time, it can be from the sea. 

To Israel (AKA "the Little Satan") the message is: We are not afraid of you. Our long-range missiles and advanced drones can rubble your commercial capital and international airport even without the tens of thousands of missiles our Hezbollah is capable of raining down on all your cities and towns. Once you felt invincible because of your mighty air force. But our old enemy Saddam showed us the way to overcome such an advantage--with missiles! Your country is tiny … and we can wipe it off the map.

To the peoples of Iran and other nations of the Middle East, which Iran intends to dominate, the message is: We are the rising power in this region--and we don't need nuclear weapons to defeat our enemies. Our missiles are sufficient. Moreover, it's obvious we can build nuclear warheads within weeks, if necessary, and you should assume we are sitting atop a well guarded arsenal of radiological weapons--so-called dirty bombs--which will not be part of any final nuclear agreement with the P5+1. 

To the peoples of the Third World, including, especially, Latin America, the message is: Iran's historic advance is unstoppable. It is on the way to changing the status quo regionally and internationally. The Islamic Republic is prepared to challenge U.S. imperialism in the Persian Gulf … and the Gulf of Mexico.

All of which leads this reporter to recall that Hitler also once seemed unstoppable. He too once dreamed of obliterating New York skyscrapers; and his U-boats actually wreaked havoc for a time in the Gulf of Mexico.

We all know how that turned out for Germany.

More to the point, Iran's atomic ayatollah and mad mullahs should know that the Great Satan will hit back--hard--if it is attacked. In a war with the U.S. the Islamist regime would be "obliterated," as Hillary Clinton once put it.

 As for the Little Satan … well … one must assume that if its cities ever come under the kind of attack depicted in the Iranian TV "documentary," the state that was born in the aftermath of the Holocaust will not hesitate to retaliate with weapons that it is presumed to have and that Iran is suspected of developing.